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Doesn't increase the chance of a shark attack 🦈

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Quick summary 📝

1️⃣ Swimming on your period is safe and not unhygienic. Water pressure slows down menstrual flow, reducing the likelihood that it'll leak out (just be cautious of sneezing/coughing)

2️⃣ Chlorine in pools disinfects diluted blood, so even if you swam without period products, it wouldn’t be hygienic

3️⃣ In fact, swimming can be beneficial – potentially easing cramps as it’s a low-impact exercise

4️⃣ Only avoid swimming after recent vaginal medical procedures to prevent infections

5️⃣ Period products you can use include: period swimwear, tampons, and menstrual cups


Swimming on your period is not all blood and gore getting eaten by sharks like you might worry it is. If your period hits you mid-holiday, it’s completely okay to go swimming or do some water activities. Let’s break down what happens when you get into water, and with a few tips you’ll be good to go!

What happens when you get into the water?

When you get into water, the water around you puts pressure on your body. You don’t really feel this water pressure as it’s only small, but it kind of works against the flow of blood out of your vagina. This doesn’t completely stop your flow but it slows it down, making you less likely to leak. However, it is still possible – more so if you sneeze or cough (opening up the floodgates) 🩸🩸🩸

Is it unhygienic to swim on your period?

No, it’s not unhygienic at all to swim whilst on your period – whether or not you wear period products, and whether or not you leak. If you do leak, the blood will be so diluted by the volume of water around you that it doesn’t really matter. Plus, if it’s a swimming pool that contains chlorine, that’s exactly what the chlorine is there for – it disinfects the water and keeps it clean for everyone to swim in. 

Is it safe to swim on your period?

It’s also completely safe to swim on your period. There is no evidence that swimming on your period increases the risk of getting attacked by sharks. Plus, swimming on your period can actually be good. Much like any low impact exercise on your period, it might help your cramps. 

The only time you should avoid swimming whilst bleeding is if you recently had a medical procedure through your vagina, like if you’ve had surgery, a baby or had a miscarriage. This is just to ensure you don’t get an infection. 

What period products can be used?

If you do choose to wear period products while swimming, there are a few options. If you normally wear a pad or liner, it’s probably best to not wear one while swimming as it will absorb lots of water and not be very good at absorbing any blood. Instead, you can opt for period swimwear. These are pretty much the same as period underwear but are waterproof and made to be worn whilst swimming. 

If you normally wear tampons or menstrual cups, you can still wear these! These are both great options whilst underwater as they still absorb or collect the blood inside of you. Just remember to tuck the string of your tampon into your underwear so it’s not hanging out! 

And finally, remember to remove any period products you’re using as soon as you’re out of the water! Dry off completely and replace your product of choice with a new one. Enjoy!

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