How do I tell my mum that I hate school and that it makes me depressed

Mental health & well-being

Hey hey ✨ It's great that you want to open up to your mum about your struggles with school. Please remember that she loves you and wants to support you. Find a calm moment to talk to her, and let her know that you've been feeling down about school recently. If you're feeling nervous about this, you could also write her a note instead, this way you'll be able to say everything you want to ✍️

If you're worried about her reaction, you can suggest finding a time when you're both feeling calm and can have a productive conversation. If you don't find you're ready to have these conversations with your mum, it might be worth speaking to another trusted adult 💡 Remember, it's okay to ask for support, and your feelings are valid! 💕 luna's also got lots of content for you in Learn in the 'mental health and well-being' category which will hopefully help you feel better about this too.

Sending luna love ❤️

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