How do I tell my parents that I've got my period?

Periods & hormones

Hey 👋 Periods can sometimes feel a bit embarrassing to talk about, especially if you're not as open with your family or friends but there's really nothing to be embarrassed about - trust us, over half of the population get them. Given that every family is different, it's hard to give specific advice, in terms of how to tell them, you could find the right time to take a seat next to them and tell them, you could pick which parent you'd prefer to tell first and ask them to share it with the other.

You could also go for a walk with one/ both of them and when the time is right say something, or if you prefer you could send them a little message. You should choose to do whatever feels most appropriate based on the relationship you have with your parents ❤️

Know that periods are nothing to be ashamed of: so please don't feel nervous to talk to your parents.

Hope this helps, and if you have more questions just Ask 💫

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