Is it possible to “glow up”?

Is it possible to “glow up”?

And what does it actually mean?

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Quick summary 📝

1️⃣ "Glowing up" means a transformation involving mental, physical, and emotional wellbeing

2️⃣ Key steps include drinking water for skin, health, and mood; maintaining a nutritious diet; embracing self-care routines; getting quality sleep

3️⃣ Self-love and confidence play a crucial role in achieving a glow-up

4️⃣ Prioritise activities that bring personal happiness and surround yourself with positive influences

5️⃣ Small acts of kindness towards yourself can contribute to the journey of glowing up – remember, you're amazing as you are so don’t put pressure on yourself to transform instantly ✨


We hear "glow up" all the time now, but what does it actually mean? Well, it’s essentially a way to describe a mental, physical or emotional transformation and keeping up with the healthy habits you build 🌱 It’s much more than simply ‘getting pretty’. A "glow up" comes from feeling amazing on the inside and content with yourself. Once we are happy and healthy inside, we radiate that on the outside ✨

So, with that in mind, here are a few ways you can work on "glowing up", these are…

Drink lots of water: ideally 6 to 8 glasses a day – this helps improve our skin, health and mood 💧

Eat a healthy diet: make sure to eat different foods that are nutritious and give you the energy and vitamins your body needs 🍲

Have a self-care routine: try setting aside an hour or so a day, in the morning or evening, to focus on pampering. This could be having a bath, doing a hair or face mask, or a simple manicure 🧖

Get a good night’s sleep: beauty sleep is a thing! It’s important to give your body time to rest and repair, so make sure you catch those 💤’s

Learn to love yourself: this is SO important. As mentioned earlier, feeling better in yourself will give you that physical glow-up, so work on your mindset if you’re feeling under-confident 🪷

Do things that make YOU happy: make sure you're making enough time for yourself and being (a bit) selfish when it comes to looking after you. Hang around with the people that make you feel good and do activities that you love like getting into exercise – it can be quite hard to do this one at first, but it's super important 🥰

Most importantly, any small act of kindness to yourself is a step in the right direction. Please don’t put too much pressure on yourself to ‘transform’ – you are amazing just as you are, and recognising that will go a long way in helping you glow ✨

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