Hi I have 2 questions- how do I differentiate between thrush and normal yeast infection? (In my vagina) And 2. How do I tell my mum I think I have one of these? Pls help I'm rlly nervous but I don't want to leave it till too late 😔

Female health

Hey hey, thanks for asking luna 💛

Thrush is just another name for a yeast infection, so they are the same thing!

If you think you have a yeast infection, it's important to tell your mum so you can get the right treatment. It's totally normal to feel nervous, but remember that your mum is there to support you and wants you to be healthy. You can try saying something like, "Hey mum, I've been feeling a bit uncomfortable down below for a few days and something doesn't seem quite right. Can we make an appointment with the doctor?" It's important to get treatment as soon as possible to prevent any further discomfort.

luna has some more info in the app that you may find useful. Hope this helps 💕

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