Hey luna! So i just think my life is so unfair. My brother just got a new car. I am happy for him it is a really nice car but expensive £11,000 but he is paying like £200-£250 a month. He can afford that but I overheard a conversation between him and my mum and she gave him £900 towards the car. I dont know if i am overreacting but i am annoyed i rarely get anything i want (i am 12 so its not like i ask for a car its like sweets) but its the fact that he can pay for it he has a job so why give him that when i barely get anything i want? He is clearly the favourite in my mums choice and my dad idk

Navigating difficult scenarios

Hey hey, thanks for coming to luna 💛 It can be really tough when it feels like your sibling is getting more than you, but it's important to remember that everyone's situation is different. Your brother might be older and have a job, so he can afford to make those payments, but that's still a lot of money so your mum may have wanted to support in the short term to help him out. It's also possible that your mum had a specific reason for helping him out with the car that you don't know about.

It's totally okay to feel a bit frustrated, but try not to let it consume you. Instead, focus on the things that you do have and enjoy. Maybe you can talk to your parents about how you're feeling and see if there's a way to work out a compromise in the present, or perhaps they can help you out with your own car in future🌟

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