im literally 🤏 close to losing it for the eleventh time this month my parents have told me something i bought is too revealing and all the clothes werebt even revealing they just showed like a bit below my collatbones and nowhere close to my chest at all its just because i have boobs its suddenly “revealing” abd where i live people wear worse then this and i dont understan why i cant??? im literally 16 abd i told my mum ill only wesr it when im with her and or my dad abd she still said no i dont get why i cant feel pretty just becusse some men might look at me weird for a split second?????? liuna what am i supposed to do and wear if i cant even show my collarbones

Navigating difficult scenarios

Hey hey 💕 It's understandable that parents can be a bit protective sometimes. But, luna gets that it's frustrating when you don't agree with them 😔 Maybe try explaining that it's about feeling confident and not about showing skin. Share your thoughts calmly, show responsibility, and find some middle ground. It might take time, but they will hopefully understand your perspective. It might even be a good idea to write down your thoughts and share them with your parents so you can get all your points across clearly 🫶

Fashion is all about expressing yourself and you deserve to feel confident in what you wear ✨ Hope this helps, there's more advice on managing relationships with parents in the luna app, as well as tips on tackling anger 💗

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