I just got my first period why is it brown ? Is everything ok ? I am really grateful I can ask questions here ā™„ļøšŸ˜Š

Periods & hormones

Hi šŸ«¶ Brown period blood is usually just old blood, usually at the beginning or end of your period, that's been oxidised (reacted with the oxygen in the air). These kind of colours (rusty, dark red or brown) are really common during your period and not usually something to worry about ā¤ļø Usually, in the middle of your period, when the flow is heavier, the blood will be more red or blood that looks more 'fresh.'

If you have brown discharge outside the beginning and end of your period, luna would recommend you get things checked out with your GP. luna's got some advice on period blood colour in the Learn section of the app, too!

luna's so glad to hear you feel comfortable to ask questions! It's what we're here for šŸ’›

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