Is it normal to not have a flat stomach?

The short answer: yes!

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Quick summary 📝

1️⃣ The constant stream of "perfect" flat stomachs in social media can distort reality. In fact, having a non-flat stomach is completely natural

2️⃣ Your body stores fat around the stomach to protect organs and a potential future pregnancy

3️⃣ If you want to feel healthier, prioritise activities that bring joy rather than changing your stomach – like dancing, swimming, or yoga


With so many of us looking online for inspiration and entertainment, it can be hard to ignore the videos and pictures that surface of the ‘perfect’ body. And one thing that comes up a lot is flat stomachs. It can be so frustrating to see this everywhere 😖 and can lead us to think “is this the norm?”, or “how can I achieve a flat stomach?” So, if you’ve ever had these questions, luna's here to clear things up for you.

The bottom line is: it’s totally normal to not have a flat stomach/abdomen 💯 Our bodies store fat in a certain way and need protection around the stomach, especially around the bottom of the abdomen. This is to protect all of your organs, and also to protect a potential future baby. Things like genetics, the environment in which we grow up, and health conditions also have an impact on what your stomach looks like.

If want to feel healthier, luna’s advice is to only do things you love ❤️ This will keep you interested and happy! You could try exercises you find fun, whether that’s swimming, dance, yoga, jogging, hula hooping or something else entirely 🤷. You could also make sure you have a healthy diet of foods you find tasty. But don’t push yourself – always listen to your body.

Ultimately, even if we all ate exactly the same foods and exercised in exactly the same way, we would all still look and feel different – because every body is ✨unique✨ It’s really important to remember that as long as you feel happy, healthy and confident, that’s what matters!

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