How to make the right choices

How to make the right choices

Top tips for deciding what’s best for you 🫵

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1️⃣ Everyone has to make decisions - but how can you make the right choice? Well, luna’s got some tactics you can try 💯

2️⃣ Doing your research and pros and cons lists can help you see your choices in a practical light. But don’t forget the other side of things too! A decision should feel right, and should put your needs first – so trust your gut, and speak to people who’ve been through it before, too 🤗

3️⃣ Finally, remember that no decision has to be final – people are allowed to change their minds and take new paths, learn and grow from your choices and try not to have regrets 🌱


Making decisions is something that everyone has to do at some point in their life. As a teen, there are lots of choices to be made – what subjects to take, future career paths, who to date, who to be friends with, or what sports to do ⚽ This can be overwhelming 🤯 but luna’s here to help you out, with a guide on how to make the right choices for you 🫵

1️⃣ It is YOUR choice: firstly, make sure to put yourself first. Of course, it’s great to think about other people, but these choices will ultimately affect you and your life so you should prioritise your own needs 💛 Try not to allow the potential judgement of other people influence you too much, and don’t feel pressured into doing things to please other people ✨

2️⃣ Write it down: sometimes, it can be difficult to think about stuff if there’s a lot going on in your head 😵‍💫 Getting all your thoughts down on paper is a good way to think things through more logically ✍️

3️⃣ Pros and cons lists: these can be helpful if you’re thinking through multiple options 🤔 Writing down the good 👍 and bad 👎 parts of each option may help you think more clearly. This can be done on your phone, on paper, or verbally with a friend 🤝

4️⃣ Trust your gut: it’s important to think logically through all your choices 💭 but, if you have a gut feeling about something – it feels like the right thing to do – take that into consideration 💗

5️⃣ Speak to people you trust: getting a second opinion from someone you trust can be very helpful 💯 Even just talking everything over with another person can be amazing for making things more clear for you 💬

6️⃣ Do your research: make sure you have all the information you need to make an informed decision 📊 You may uncover some information which sways you one way or another 💻

Whatever happens, it’s important to know that life can be full of regrets, but it doesn’t have to be. Meaning that in some cases you may look back at your choices and think that you made the wrong one. This is completely okay! You won’t always get it right – just reflect on what you’ve learnt and move on.

No decision has to be final – people are allowed to change their minds and take new paths – the important thing is that you made the best decision for you at that time in your life 💗

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