Are you a toxic friend?

Are you a toxic friend?

Take this quiz to find out ✍️


Friendship should be all about trust, support, and good vibes 🫢 But sometimes, our actions can unintentionally hurt our friends. Take this quiz to see if you might be doing things that aren't the best in your friendships – you can note down your answers and score it up at the end ✍️

But remember: this is just a bit of fun, so don’t take this to heart – try to see it as a learning and growth opportunity if there are things you want to do better at 😊

1. Do you often give your friend a hard time about their choices?

a) 😣 Yeah, I often criticise what they do

b) πŸ˜… Sometimes, I give them advice

c) 😊 No, I respect their choices

2. Do you make your friend feel guilty for not hanging out with you?

a) πŸ˜” Yeah, I make them feel bad for not being around

b) πŸ˜• Sometimes, but I don't mean to

c) πŸ˜„ No, I get they need their space

3. Are you genuinely happy when your friend does well?

a) 😑 Nah, I get jealous when they succeed

b) πŸ˜“ I try to be happy for them, but it's tough

c) 😁 Yeah, I love celebrating their wins

4. Do you spill your friend's secrets without asking them first?

a) 😬 Yeah, sometimes I tell others stuff they said

b) πŸ˜… I mess up sometimes, but I feel bad

c) πŸ˜‡ No, I respect their privacy

5. Do you mostly talk about yourself in your conversations?

a) πŸ˜’ Yeah, I like to talk about me a lot

b) 😐 Sometimes, but I'm trying to change

c) πŸ˜ƒ No, I'm a good listener

6. Do you criticise your friend's relationships or friendships?

a) 😀 Yeah, I don't hold back my disapproval

b) πŸ˜• Sometimes, but I'm trying to be more supportive

c) 😊 No, I respect their choices

7. Do you try to control what your friend does?

a) 😈 Yeah, I like making them do what I want

b) πŸ˜₯ Sometimes, but I know it's not right

c) πŸ˜‡ No, I let them be their own boss

8. Do you make your friend feel small or not good enough?

a) 😠 Yeah, I criticise them and make them feel bad

b) πŸ˜” Sometimes, but I feel bad about it

c) πŸ˜„ No, I'm there to lift them up

9. Have you ever let your friend down in a big way?

a) 😣 Yeah, I've broken their trust more than once

b) πŸ˜… I've messed up, but I want to make things right

c) 😊 No, I value their trust and loyalty

10. Are you willing to apologise when you mess up?

a) 😑 Nah, I hardly ever say sorry

b) πŸ˜“ I say sorry, but it takes me a while

c) πŸ˜‡ Yeah, I apologise and try to do better


Add up your points based on your answers…

  • Give yourself 1 point for each "a" answer.
  • Give yourself 2 points for each "b" answer.
  • Give yourself 3 points for each "c" answer.

What your score means:

10-19 points: you might be doing some not-so-cool things in your friendships. It's good to think about how you can be a better friend – there’s some ideas on building on friendships in the luna app, plus some on how to support a friend

20-29 points: you know there's room for improvement in your friendships, and that's a good start. Keep working on being a better friend – there’s ideas in the luna app which might inspire you, for example a piece on love languagesΒ 

30 points: you're already a solid, supportive friend. Keep being awesome and nurturing those positive friendships 😊

Remember, nobody's perfect, but recognising where you can improve your friendships is a big step toward being a better friendπŸ‘Œ

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