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Quick summary 📝

1️⃣ Gift giving can benefit both the receiver and the giver – giving a gift activates our reward centres in our brain, giving us what’s often described as a “warming glow”

2️⃣ Whether they love being cosy, are obsessed with tech, love their pet, are into all things plants, or have an artistic side, here you can find gift ideas for everyone!


On top of being an awesome thing to do for those we care about, gift giving is actually great for our own mental health 💭 When we give a gift, we activate the reward centres of our brain 🧠 making us feel happy and giving us what many describe as a “warming glow” 🌟 And with birthdays, Christmas plus special occasions to gift shop for, there’s plenty of opportunities to boost our own well-being in the process 🙌

With that in mind, luna’s rounded up some gift ideas to help you out – these could be for friends or family, and won’t break the bank 🙅

For the one who loves being cosy 😌

  • Soft blanket/throw: a soft, warm blanket is a gift that anyone can appreciate, especially during the chilly months. Look for one in their favourite colour or a cute pattern that matches their existing decor🧣
  • Scented candles: candles with soothing scents like lavender, vanilla, or eucalyptus can create a cosy atmosphere in any room and help them feel more mindful 🕯️
  • Fuzzy slippers: a pair of slippers keeps feet warm and comfy, and they come in so many styles and colours 🥿
  • Hot chocolate gift set: lots of them include gourmet hot cocoa mix, marshmallows, and a cute mug ☕

For the tech obsessive 📱

  • PopSocket/phone grip: these handy accessories attach to the back of a smartphone, making it easier to hold and stand up. They come in various designs to suit anyone's style 📱
  • Bluetooth speaker: a portable speaker is perfect for enjoying music on the go. Choose one with good sound quality and a design that matches their personality like a retro-style speaker 🎵
  • Wireless earphones: for those who enjoy listening to music or podcasts, wireless earphones help them get a tangle-free and easy listening experience 🎧
  • Phone stand/tripod: a phone stand can be used for watching videos, taking panoramic shots, or video chatting with friends – perfect for someone who spends more time on their phone or tablet📱

For the pet lover 🐾

  • Customised pet portrait: commission a local artist to create a portrait from a photograph of the pet – it's a cute and personal gift for any animal lover 🖼️
  • Pet accessories: a stylish lead, a cosy bed, or a new collar are all great options, plus there’s so many cute toys out there 🐕
  • Pet-themed pyjamas: find pyjamas with pet patterns or even customise ones with an image of their own pet – these could be pyjamas for the person, or even pyjamas for the pet (if they like wearing PJs!) 🛏️
  • Pet grooming kit: help them care for their pets with a grooming kit that includes things like brushes, nail clippers, and shampoo 🐩

For the green thumb 🌿

  • Indoor plants: a small potted plant can brighten up any space and is perfect for beginners who want to try their hand at gardening 🪴
  • Gardening tools: a set of gardening tools can help someone to improve their skills – look for a kit with essentials like a trowel, pruners, and gloves 🌷
  • Plant care bits: watering cans, misters, and even plant food are all great options, and there’s loads out there in stylish designs 💧
  • Garden decor: if they have a garden or balcony, things like wind chimes, or garden lights are always a good idea 🌞

For the artistic soul 🎨

  • Sketchbook and art supplies: if they enjoy drawing or painting, a high-quality sketchbook and a set of art supplies can be a thoughtful gift 📒
  • Mindfulness colouring books: these books have loads of fun designs to colour in, and they’re great for those who struggle with mindfulness 🖍️
  • Art easel: get them a stable and adjustable easel to support their painting and drawing projects 🎨
  • DIY craft kits: kits for making friendship bracelets, jewellery, or even knitting can be a great way to fuel their creativity ✂️

Hope this helps you on your gifting search!

And remember, part of what makes a gift so great is how it's packaged up and delivered, so even if you get something simple, you can make it shine with some thoughtful wrapping 😊🎉

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