How much sleep do you really need?

How much sleep do you really need?

Find out if you’re sleeping enough 😴


Quick summary 📝

1️⃣ Sleep matters: for teens, sleep is like fuel. When your body's changing, sleep helps you focus, stay healthy, and relax

2️⃣ How much sleep: on average it’s 8-10 hours for teens, but it's different for everyone

3️⃣ How to work out if you’re sleeping enough:

  • You wake up happy: feeling fresh in the morning is a good sign
  • Snoozing your alarm: you may need more sleep
  • Coffee lover: relying on caffeine? Could be lack of sleep
  • Daytime nap: if you’re napping in the day, you may need to get more hours in at night
  • Feeling moody: lack of sleep can make you feel irritable and down

4️⃣ Get help if needed: if lack of sleep messes with your day, talk to someone you trust, like a parent or doctor


Sleep is one of the most important things for a teenager’s health. Particularly during puberty, the body goes through a lot of changes and needs the rest that sleep provides. Getting good quality sleep helps to maintain concentration, keep you physically healthy and even reduce stress levels 😌

Teens need on average 8-10 hours of good quality sleep every night. But remember, this is just an average – some people need more or less than this. What luna recommends is that you sleep for the time that benefits you. A good sleep is one that leaves you feeling refreshed and energised, and works with your schedule.

Here are some ways to work out if you’re sleeping enough:

  • Do you wake up feeling refreshed or groggy? Feeling refreshed and ready for your day is a sign of good sleep. Some people feel groggy if they’ve not slept enough or slept too much 🛌
  • Do you snooze your alarm a lot? If you snooze your alarm, this might be a sign that you need some more sleep in the morning ⏰
  • Are you relying heavily on caffeine? While a little bit of tea or coffee can be great sometimes, relying a lot on the caffeine from these drinks may be a sign that you aren’t sleeping enough and need that energy to stay awake ☕
  • Do you nap during the day? Feeling really tired throughout the day or falling asleep during the day can be a sign you’re not getting enough sleep 💤
  • How do you feel in yourself? Poor sleep affects how you feel, which in turn impacts your mood, concentration and friendships. Your emotions are a good thing to log to keep track of how much sleep is affecting you (luna’s got a tracker to help with that) 💛

If poor sleep is having a big effect on your life, your physical health, or mental health, it’s really important to get some help from a trusted adult like a parent or a health professional like your GP. Mental health and sleep have a co-dependent relationship so if one’s not doing so well, it’s important to get the other checked out ❤️

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