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Mental health & wellbeing
teen smiling in summer

Things for Teens To Do During Summer Holidays

Suggestions for you and your teen for summer 2024


Female health
Teen girls looking at TikTok trends

7 Tiktok Trends Parents Need to Know About

Doctor debunks harmful trends affecting teens and tweens


Confidence & motivation
teen girls looking excited

A Guide to Prom: 10 Tips for UK Parents

What can you do for your daughter’s UK prom?


Mental health & wellbeing
teen revising

A Guide for Parents on Exam Stress

Help your teen through exam anxiety


Confidence & motivation
teen getting exam results

Help for Parents on Exam Results Day

A guide to supporting your teen


Mental health & wellbeing
an image of 9 Ways to Get Your Teen Talking About Mental Health article

9 Ways to Get Your Teen Talking About Mental Health

Help them to open up about their wellbeing


Periods & hormones
opening tampon

Doctor Explains: Are Tampons Dangerous for Teens?

Tampon safety to help guide your daughter


Skin & skincare
an image of Should Teens Be Using Retinol? article

Should Teens Be Using Retinol?

Exploring the risks of retinol serum 😬


Periods & hormones
an image of Signs Your Daughter is About to Start Her Period article

Signs Your Daughter is About to Start Her Period

+ what age can she expect it? 👀


Mental health & wellbeing
an image of How Can Parents Help With Mood Swings? article

How Can Parents Help With Mood Swings?

Top tips from luna's medical team


Mental health & wellbeing
stressed teenage girl

Tips for Helping a Stressed-out Teen

36% of teens are stressed ALL the time


Periods & hormones
teen period tracker

Why Teens Should Use Period Tracking Apps

+ the best menstrual period calculator for teens


Periods & hormones
an image of What to Pack in Your Daughter’s Period Kit article

What to Pack in Your Daughter’s Period Kit

The essentials to have on hand


Periods & hormones
an image of Your Daughter’s First Period: Dos and Don’ts article

Your Daughter’s First Period: Dos and Don’ts

Navigating this new chapter


Body image & positivity
an image of How to Boost Your Daughter’s Body Image article

How to Boost Your Daughter’s Body Image

5 ways to promote body confidence in your teen


Mental health & wellbeing
an image of How to Help Your Teen’s Mental Health article

How to Help Your Teen’s Mental Health

Practical advice that makes a difference


Mental health & wellbeing
teen using phone

Has Your Teen Got a Phone Addiction?

How are smartphones affecting teens?


Gender, sexuality & identity
teens holding hands

Help Your Teenager With Coming Out

How to react and more info for parents


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puts my mind at ease

I love the luna app! It is a great space for my daughter to learn about puberty and her menstrual cycle and ask any questions she may be a bit embarrassed to ask me. The Drs and experts that luna has fact-checking these questions puts my mind at ease, knowing she is getting correct and factual information

Sarah, parent of pre-teen aged 12 

authentic, trustworthy

My daughter loves being part of the luna community and I personally think the app is great.

There are times when regardless of how close we are to our teens, there are times when they don’t want to come to us and work out things for themselves and make choices and decisions that don’t involve us and i think this is where the positivity of luna comes in- authentic, trustworthy and a platform where we know she feels safe.

Keziah, parent of teen aged 15 

great for kids of all ages

luna is a great app for kids of all ages to learn about their health and well-being in a safe and positive space. My daughter loves being part of the luna community and really enjoyed the in-person community day she attended - these are things we all need to talk about, but luna makes it fun and informative

Victoria, parent of teen aged 13 

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Mental health & wellbeing
an image of How to ask for help when you need it article

How to ask for help when you need it

What to say and how to say it 🗣️


Confidence & motivation
an image of How to build healthy habits article

How to build healthy habits

Getting started and keeping them up 🙌


an image of How much sleep do you really need? article

How much sleep do you really need?

Find out if you’re sleeping enough 😴


an image of Dealing with bullies article

Dealing with bullies

What to do if you’re experiencing bullying❣️


Periods & hormones
an image of Navigating periods at school article

Navigating periods at school

Tips, tricks and your questions answered 💯


Navigating difficult scenarios
an image of Dealing with peer pressure article

Dealing with peer pressure

How to spot it and how to say no 🙅‍♀️


real questions asked by users

there's no bad questions or shaming at luna – here's a preview

Q: All my friends at school use social media and I don’t agree with social media and so do my parents. But sometimes I feel left out and like I don’t belong because all anyone talks about is TikTok or Snapchat. And everyone spends ages making themselves look pretty in the morning, that sometimes i feel as if I should too because LOADS of people always straighten their hair and wear mascara etc. But I don’t rlly know who I want to be and what to be like and how to deal with everyone constantly talking about social media.
Confidence & motivation
Q: i cannot find a job. i’m 18 and looking for a job, i’ve applied to everything in my area and haven’t got anything yet. i was in college for some time and it didn’t work for me twice, unfortunately i have dropped out and am not welcome back. being jobless is taking a toll on my mental health and i can’t afford to support myself even with universal credit. i have no grades from high school either but plenty of experience, but no one will hire me? i need advice on what to do next.
Mental health & wellbeing
Q: What is an idea that u followed when u were stressed at school with exams and stuff and teachers constantly going on at you?
Mental health & wellbeing
Q: Hey luna! i need some help, i'm being bullied and it's affecting my mental health and i've tried to be nice or everyone and not annoyed them but i'm still bullied, i've told teachers and my parents but it just isn't helping. :(
Mental health & wellbeing
Q: Why do my teachers seem to not care about mental health and who can i talk ti about my mental health
Periods & hormones
Q: How do you talk to your teachers / friends about periods?
Nutrition & exercise
Q: How can I not feel insecure while playing pe in school?
Mental health & wellbeing
Q: for my school when we are in p7 at the end we get 3 days at our new highschool to get used to it, get our timetables ect i’m really nervous but so so excited do you have any tips they’re really soon!
Mental health & wellbeing
Q: Hi luna ⚡️ I'm being bullied and people are calling me names at school - a video of me was shared in a group chat of me wearing a tail in the park, and I knew nothing about it until today. I'm also scared my friends are talking about me behind my back, as one of them has openly called me ugly and two have called me annoying.
Navigating difficult scenarios
Q: Is it normal to have a teacher attachment
Mental health & wellbeing
Q: how do you open up more about emotions to pastoral care teachers?? i find it so scary and don't know how people can just do it
Mental health & wellbeing
Q: my mental health isn’t the best, my teachers have noticed but my parent haven’t? is this normal or are my parents being ignorant
Mental health & wellbeing
Q: Hi luna! First of all I wanted to thank you for all your help and support these past few months. My question is how do I deal with mean people or ones who are annoying? My instinct is to yell at their face, but that sounds wrong. I hate talking to people about it as rumours spread and teachers can’t help much. What do I do? 💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛
Confidence & motivation
Q: Hi, I'm a teenager and at school I am quite intimidated by the mean 'popular' girls. I'm not a shy person but I'm not too confident either and sometimes I just feel very nervous and I was wondering if you had any advice on how to ignore mean people and to feel more confident💗
Mental health & wellbeing
Q: I drive for attention at school and I am starting to freak out when no one is paying attention to me
Mental health & wellbeing
Q: Hey, im 11 years old and lots of boys in my class were saying i have a fat nose and i need to do plastic surgery. I am really insecure about my nose and i also told my mom, my mom told my teacher and the boys stopped but still i feel really insecure and i dont know what to do.
Mental health & wellbeing
Q: hi luna, I need to talk to a teacher about my school anxiety but I don't know how to word it. how do I tell my teachers I'm struggling? x 🫶🏼🫶🏼🫶🏼🫶🏼🫶🏼
Periods & hormones
Q: How do I deal if I need to go to change a pad and the teacher won’t let me go and I’m in the middle of class x
Mental health & wellbeing
Q: Latley, since starting high school, I've been feeling like really upset, but usually, for absolutely no reason. I'll just randomly start crying almost every day over the tiniest thing or nothing at all, and I'm getting concerned about my mental health cause it's a little too often. Is it normal?
Confidence & motivation
Q: Hi!, I new club has started at my school, it’s a debate and law club which I’m really interested in and I want to go but I’m really scared because my friends aren’t the most brightest and wouldn’t go with me and I don’t want to go alone! Plus a boy who I dated would also be there so it’s already awkward and what if no one shows up!? But I probably overthinking it so I just need some help 😅
Mental health & wellbeing
Q: i feel stressed about school what shall i do
Confidence & motivation
Q: Is it ok to not be considered cool at school?
Periods & hormones
Q: Hi luna 🫶, I think the toilets at my school are not private enough at all! I always feel uncomfortable at school going to the toilet or changing a pad as the boys toilets are right infront of the girls. They can hear everything and I don’t like it!!! And the only thing separating us are the toilet doors and the sink what should I do???
Mental health & wellbeing
Q: Hey luna, I’m 11 and I’m starting high school in September and I’m very insecure about my weight and get picked on for it I’ve tried everything to lose weight and it doesn’t work and I don’t want this to continue at high school.
Mental health & wellbeing
Q: Hey luna.. so basically I’m in a rlly hard situation and idk what to do.. Yesterday at school there was a fight aginast someone in my form and one of the most popular sassy girls. We r strictly not allowed smart phones at school, but I filmed the fight a little bit. Now EVERYONE is asking me the video, but the girl in my forms headscarf fell off and I feel like I’m invading her privacy but also everybody else’s who were in the video (there were lots of girls there.) But now everyone is super angry at me and I’m scared the big gang of mean girls will come fight me, but I can’t tell a teacher bc it was my fault for taking the video. Sorry for the long message 😭
Navigating difficult scenarios
Q: Heyy luna. So basically my outstanding high school has just announced they are taking some GCSE options off. Food Tech Product Design Textiles Drama Sociology Economics Latin German Music But I’m just soo sad bc I rllly wanted to do Latin sociology and music. But I also love the school but my mum said I might have to move school. Btw I’m in year 7. Helpppp
Periods & hormones
Q: I'm really scared that I might get my period when I'm at school. What do I do in that situation if it does happen?
Mental health & wellbeing
Q: I’m starting High School after the summer and i’m really nervous. I’m scared because of how massive it is compared to my current school, needing to get to classes on time, and i’m worried about all my friends leaving me. Do you have any tips??
Periods & hormones
Q: Hi luna, what do I do if I leak on a chair at school infront all the boys. How do you handle it.
Mental health & wellbeing
Q: I hate school I hate school I hate school I hate school I hate school I hate school I hate school I hate school I hate school I hate school I hate school I hate school I hate school I hate school I hate school I hate school I hate school I hate school I hate school I hate school I hate school I hate school
Confidence & motivation
Q: I want to make a revision timetable from Monday to Friday but I don't have anytime as I go to school from 7 30 to 3 00 and then I have mosque from 5 30 to 7 30 so I'm struggling on how to fit my revision in can u pls help me 😭 xxx
Q: I got into a different secondary school to all my friends and I’m really upset about it what should I do??
Mental health & wellbeing
Q: I hate going to school for every reason and there is this group of boys at school who just keep on annoying me and other things I don’t never want to go back to school how can I motivate myself to getting out of bed and dealing with it ?
Periods & hormones
Q: Should I be embarrassed or it be awkward for me to change my pad (with the noise of it) in a public bathroom eg school
Confidence & motivation
Q: hey luna at my school, they say if you have your skirt rolled too high, you have to wear trousers to school. mine and my friends skirt isn’t that high AT ALL, i can think of a hundred girls in my year/the years above with their skirts higher than ours. but now ive been told i have to wear trousers to school by my head teacher? this has made me so angry! i don’t know what to do, im hoping if i don’t roll my skirt my head teacher will forget, but still. don’t you think this is unreasonable? what should i do if they make me wear trousers?
Mental health & wellbeing
Q: At school today my friend put a girls backpack who was being Racist in a toilet cubicle I walked away because I didn’t what to get in trouble but I didn’t tell a teacher either because I didn’t what to get them I trouble the girl still can’t fine her bag what should I do


how does luna ensure articles are age appropriate as 17 year olds will have different interests to 11 year olds?

what is the objective and purpose of your app?

who can use the app?

who started luna?

how can I be sure of the answer to a question asked of luna?

how do you ensure safety in the app?

can luna diagnose a specific health condition?

so is luna for girls?

what's your approach to messaging within your content?

who creates the content?

how does luna answer questions safely?

do you notify parents about safeguarding / any issues?

how do you deal with sensitive topics?

does my teen have to learn all topics to make full use of the app?

is luna going to put ideas in my teen's head?

how can parents benefit from this?