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86% of teens use TikTok and Google for health and well-being info – but it's not always accurate or tailored to their age group; our content is all verified by our medical experts


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1000s of questions asked by teens are about how to approach, convince or confide in a parental figure – we help teens open those lines of communication


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all articles, videos and answers to anonymous questions are medically verified, and experts invest in luna's growth, too – so you know the advice can be trusted


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convincing teens to use a health app isn’t an easy task – that’s why we work closely with 250+ teen advisors to ensure they don’t just need to use it, but love to use it

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users cannot interact with each other, and all identities are kept anonymous

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all articles, videos, and answers to questions are verified by medical experts

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safeguarding risks are escalated to senior advisors, who help us signpost teens to organisations who offer personalised advice

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Periods & hormones
an image of What to pack in your daughter’s period kit article

What to pack in your daughter’s period kit

The essentials to have on hand


Periods & hormones
an image of Your daughter’s first period: dos and don’ts article

Your daughter’s first period: dos and don’ts

Navigating this new chapter


Body image & positivity
an image of How to boost your daughter’s body image article

How to boost your daughter’s body image

5 ways to promote body confidence in your teen


Mental health & well-being
an image of How to help your teen’s mental health article

How to help your teen’s mental health

Practical advice that makes a difference


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puts my mind at ease

I love the luna app! It is a great space for my daughter to learn about puberty and her menstrual cycle and ask any questions she may be a bit embarrassed to ask me. The Drs and experts that luna has fact-checking these questions puts my mind at ease, knowing she is getting correct and factual information

Sarah, parent of pre-teen aged 12 

authentic, trustworthy

My daughter loves being part of the luna community and I personally think the app is great.

There are times when regardless of how close we are to our teens, there are times when they don’t want to come to us and work out things for themselves and make choices and decisions that don’t involve us and i think this is where the positivity of luna comes in- authentic, trustworthy and a platform where we know she feels safe.

Keziah, parent of teen aged 15 

great for kids of all ages

luna is a great app for kids of all ages to learn about their health and well-being in a safe and positive space. My daughter loves being part of the luna community and really enjoyed the in-person community day she attended - these are things we all need to talk about, but luna makes it fun and informative

Victoria, parent of teen aged 13 

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Hair & beauty
an image of Is it possible to “glow up”? article

Is it possible to “glow up”?

And what does it actually mean?


Periods & hormones
an image of Your guide to starting your first period article

Your guide to starting your first period

Your most asked questions, answered 🩸


Skin & skincare
an image of How to help your spots article

How to help your spots

Dealing with smaller breakouts 🧴


an image of Are you a toxic friend? article

Are you a toxic friend?

Take this quiz to find out ✍️


Periods & hormones
an image of What your period blood colour means article

What your period blood colour means

From pink, to grey, orange and red🩸


Mental health & well-being
an image of How to ask for help when you need it article

How to ask for help when you need it

What to say and how to say it 🗣️


real questions asked by users

there's no bad questions or shaming at luna – here's a preview

Periods & hormones
Q: How do I tell my parents that I've got my period?
Periods & hormones
Q: Hey luna when im on my period my hormones go haywire and often I talk back when im on my period bc of them I don’t mean it but when I do my parents shout at me even louder and then I always cry I can’t help it but the problem is my mum don’t even understand and she goes through the same thing it ruins me and makes me feel like my parents don’t try to understand subjects like that I just wish they understand Becuse it’s obvious when im on my period they just don’t bother to learn and decide to shout it makes me feel awful and lonely in my family I can’t even tell them secrets Becuse I know they will tell people.
Navigating difficult scenarios
Q: im literally 🤏 close to losing it for the eleventh time this month my parents have told me something i bought is too revealing and all the clothes werebt even revealing they just showed like a bit below my collatbones and nowhere close to my chest at all its just because i have boobs its suddenly “revealing” abd where i live people wear worse then this and i dont understan why i cant??? im literally 16 abd i told my mum ill only wesr it when im with her and or my dad abd she still said no i dont get why i cant feel pretty just becusse some men might look at me weird for a split second?????? liuna what am i supposed to do and wear if i cant even show my collarbones
Mental health & well-being
Q: What are ways I can express my less positive feelings without my parents finding out. They tend not to understand and just blow up at the littlest things.
Nutrition & exercise
Q: how many meals should you be eating a day as a 13 year old girl? i eat 1 meal a day and my parents say i’m not eating enough.
Q: My mum and dad got in an argument and are currently not talking to eachother. but now my mums not talking to me because she thinks im on my dads side..which im not… and now idk what to do. she thinks im disrespecting her.
Mental health & well-being
Q: How do I tell my mum that I hate school and that it makes me depressed
Q: My mum is literally the nicest person every but she’s always moaning at me and I understand that’s what normal mums do but it’s like whatever I do is never good enough like when I’m happy there’s always something else I have to do I was waiting 2 hours for her today and then when she’s ready to go apparently now I have to clear my room then she got mad at me for shouting then she makes me feel like a brat. I don’t know how to control my anger, just because I’m their child they think I’m not smart idk what to do
Navigating difficult scenarios
Q: Hey luna! So i just think my life is so unfair. My brother just got a new car. I am happy for him it is a really nice car but expensive £11,000 but he is paying like £200-£250 a month. He can afford that but I overheard a conversation between him and my mum and she gave him £900 towards the car. I dont know if i am overreacting but i am annoyed i rarely get anything i want (i am 12 so its not like i ask for a car its like sweets) but its the fact that he can pay for it he has a job so why give him that when i barely get anything i want? He is clearly the favourite in my mums choice and my dad idk
Female health
Q: Hi I have 2 questions- how do I differentiate between thrush and normal yeast infection? (In my vagina) And 2. How do I tell my mum I think I have one of these? Pls help I'm rlly nervous but I don't want to leave it till too late 😔


how does luna ensure articles are age appropriate as 17 year olds will have different interests to 11 year olds?

what is the objective and purpose of your app?

who can use the app?

who started luna?

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is the luna community safe?

can luna diagnose a specific health condition?

so is luna for girls?

what's your approach to messaging within your content?

who creates the content?

who answers questions in the app?